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Sony Music Office


Sony Music Office
Khar, Mumbai, India
Year: 2014
Type: Work Space, Commercial Environment
Design Team: Ipsit Patel, Rika Chaudhry, Namrata Kaur
Project Size: 1,800 Sq. ft.
Program: Commercial office space for the technical team of Sony Music Office
Status: Completed

The narrow linear site is accentuated by a singular design element, the inclined rubberwood and glass partition walls. The inclination of the wall and the horizontality of the mullions help in emphasizing the length of the site, while breaking the monotony of the work space.
Meant for the IT and accounts team with rigourous technical requirements, the design of the interior space, with the use of minimal materials in a singular design element provides a defining character to this office space.
These inclined walls, separate the main workspace from the more private spaces.  The conference room, pantry and dining area lie behind the wall on the right. Towards the far end the cabins are placed behind the inclined wall. Custom designed lights and furniture add to overall design.

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