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DRSC Interiors
Fort, Mumbai, India
Year: 2013
Type: Work Space
Design Team: Ipsit Patel, Rika Chaudhry
Project Size: 1,300 Sq. ft.
Program: Clinic and Diagnostic Centre
Status: Completed

DRSC, (Dr.  Ranbir Singh Clinics) works mainly with Maritime Shipping companies, running the required fitness and medical test for seafarers. The brief and requirements for the clinics were extremely stringent. Within this framework of rules, we have created an environment that breaks away from the notions attached to a medical centre, while creating a space that appeared larger than actuality. All the elements were designed keeping in mind the tiny space and low ceiling height. This included the minimal and compact mild steel staircase, floating rubberwood bench and even the free flowing curved reception table. The doubly curved wire-cut brick walls were conceived to break the linearity of the space. The double cuve allowed more space on either side of the wall as the functions demanded. The curvature is further accentuated with the false ceiling getting offset from the brick wall.
Play on space, in a very strict and sterile environment was the main focus of the project. This was achieved by not getting constrainted by the mundane rules and regulations. But instead letting them guide the design and space planning, while allowing the design elements to create a space with it’s own identity.

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