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RND Diagnostic Centre

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RND Diagnostic Centre Interiors
Marol, Mumbai, India
Year: 2012
Type: Work Space
Design Team: Ipsit Patel, Rika Chaudhry
Project Size: 2,000 Sq. ft.
Program: Diagnostic Centre
Status: Completed

RND Diagnostics works mainly with Maritime Shipping companies, running the required fitness and medical test for seafarers. The brief and requirements for the clinics are extremely stringent. Within this framework of rules, we have created an environment that breaks away from the notions attached to a medical centre, while creating a space inspired by the folding planes of Origami.
From the entrance corridor unfolds into the main public waiting area. The main feature wall in the reception area folds to envelope a bench for patients. At the other end the wall folds out forming the reception table. The main public space is surrounded by the various rooms that house the numerous functions that the clinic requires.
The use of materials were governed by the need for low maintenance and stringent hygeine needs, thus high gloss PU coated surfaces were employed. This also helps the space appear brighter and larger. The Doctor’s cabin, pantry and waiting area furniture were also designed keeping inline with the origami theme.
Play on space, in a very strict and sterile environment was the main focus of the project. This was achieved by not getting caught up with the constraints of only following mundane rules and regulations.

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