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UZO Bar-Kitchen


UZO Bar-Kitchen
Worli, Mumbai, India
Year: 2014
Type: Hospitality Space
Design Team: Ipsit Patel, Rika Chaudhry, Pooja Katara
Project Size: 750 Sq. ft.
Program: All day café and bar
Status: Completed

UZO is an all day bar and dining tucked under a banquet hall in Worli.  It’s alfresco seating and indoor bar are designed to easily transform from being a cafe in the day to a buzzing night party destination.  Lush tropical landscaping in the outdoor space gives it a spatial quality of an intimate courtyard while cushioning it from the traffic and dust of the busy Annie Besant road.  Clear glass panelled shutters allow for unobstructed visual connectivity between these two spaces while enabling segregation of events when required.  The slated rubber wood on frames is a continuous design feature which stands as the bar counter backdrop then folds to become the ceiling sweeping over the al fresco seating terminating as a vertical edge along the road.  This allows for diffused natural light to stream in thus enriching the quality of space within during the day.  Rhythmic bands of softer rubber wood complement the coarse finish of Shahbad stone flooring.  
Custom made hanging light fixtures are used over a variety of seating clusters to enhance the informal atmosphere and mood lighting.  Attention to design and detailing in the space decor is reflected in the furniture design.  Seating patterns vary from exposed concrete benches to round high tables and carved intimate booths which allow for flexible usage.   
Overall the space exudes a lively warm vibe, complementing the varying scales of social interactions.  Here the usage of available natural light and ventilation is maximized enhancing UZO’s spirit of being an intimate laid back space which allows for networking without compromising on users privacy.

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