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Khar, Mumbai, India
Year: 2013
Type: Retail Space
Design Team: Ipsit Patel, Rika Chaudhry
Project Size: 1,000 Sq. ft.
Program: Boutique for curated crafts
Status: Completed

Dhoop is a curated boutique with a philosophy of being ‘handmade, recycled, natural and Indian’. Clients of this store describe the collection as a ‘treasure trove of culture’ where one can find, handmade decor accents, wearables, interesting lighting, quirky furniture, enamel and copperware. The client wished to revamp the look of the boutique, to achieve a more minimal look, which would aptly showcase the varied products.
Our approach in designing this space was to keep the visual language of the store muted and be smart in optimizing surfaces for display. Custom designed and fabricated shelving allows for flexibility in usage to keep up with the changing stock of items.
An industrial material pallette of raw crate wood, cement sheets and steel was adopted. Maximum flexibility was achieved with the use of 3mm thick steel plates as shelves with fabricated steel L-angles for brackets with readily available slotted angles. The skinniness of the steel sheets as shelves help in making the shelving disappear while allowing the curated items to stay in customer’s focus. Industrial metal mesh screens on walls and on the ceiling make items of different shapes and sizes to be hung on or off it easy, while remaining a neutral muted backdrop. The custom designed display ‘gondola’ follows the same design principles while providing a much needed flexibity in usage. Fitted with casters make it easy to move around and its raw industrial finish complements the quirky assorted products on display at Dhoop.


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