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Ecole Intuit Lab


Ecole Intuit Lab
Prabhadevi, Mumbai, India
Year: 2014
Type: Workspace
Design Team: Ipsit Patel, Rika Chaudhry, Jaynish Shah
Project Size: 11,500 Sq. ft.
Program: Graphic Design School
Status: Completed

Ecole Intuit Lab is one of the leading design and visual communication schools based in Mumbai with its branches in Paris and Aix-en-Provence. The school campus is also shared by Whyness, an ad agency started by one of the cofounders of the school.
The programs consist of a library, six student studio spaces (labs), a faculty room, conference room that is shared by whyness and the school, AV room and a cafeteria. The school is housed within a commercial complex where the existing column grid determined the location of the central circulation spine (corridor). The programs surround this central circulation spine, rendering the corridor an important spill out space. The linearity of eth of the corridor is broken by benches in niches and windows that give the passerby a peek into different activities taking place around the school, while also allowing natural light into the corridor.
Lack of campus space for students has led to providing breakout space as an integrated part of the corridor. The corridor opens up into a big breakout spaces at either end. These spaces also double up as exhibition galleries and event space, on different occasions. Helping to create social gathering space for the whole school to come together.
The mood and material pallette of the school was chosen to create a neutral backdrop, on the lines of a modern art gallery, bearing in mind that the students artwork would be displayed across the school. Polished cement fiber boards are used for partitions forming the corridor while a grey monlithic epoxy coating was chosen as flooring. Packaging board has been used as partition for labs with vinyl flooring, while large white laminate tables serve as work surfaces. The labs are divided by movable sliding-folding partitions which also double up as display panel areas. These partitions open up to reveal one large gathering space, often used for guest lectures, needing to accommodate the whole student body.

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