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SOIL: School of Inspired Leadership


SOIL: School of Inspired Leadership
Kolwan, Pune, India
Year: 2012
Type: Institutional space
Design Team: Ipsit Patel, Rika Chaudhry, Shruti Gaonkar
Project Size: 16 Acres.
Program: Business, Leadership School
Status: Invited Competition

The site was part of a beautiful hill, based in Kolwan, a rural agricultural area, 40 km from Pune city. One of the requisites of the brief was to design and develop a sustainable plan that would fit in perfectly with the surroundings and respect the natural elements.
As a leadership school is it was imperitive to maintain a mature aesthetic in layout but as a residential campus it was equally essential to create an environment that energised the mind and spirit. The materials recommended to be used were compressed earth bricks, local stone and lightweight roofing system for the basic structure. Additionally harnessing solar and wind energy and a water recycling plan would help the campus integrate into the environment.
The design development was based on the group discussion model that is favoured by the school, the classrooms, library and breakout spaces were designed to facilitate peer and professional interaction. The final design makes the most of the contoured site and natural climatic conditions. It also sensitively approaches the issue of a symbiotic realtionship with neighbouring communities to create shared resources and infrastructure.

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